Condom of the Month

condom of the month in Fort Worth Texas

You’ve heard of Flower of the Month and Fruit of the Month, right? Condom of the Month is the same thing! Every month club members will receive a dozen condoms and a dozen lube packets via the US Mail. The brand of condoms and type of lube will change each month and they will arrive in a discreet mailer.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to join!

Why are you doing this?

The program is designed to increase the availability of condoms in our community. 60% of gay men surveyed last year reported that they have run out of condoms or did not have a condom when they needed one in the past year.

Ok, so what’s the catch?

No catch, but members are responsible for completing a survey at the end of each month so we can rate that month’s condom and lube. A link to the survey will be sent to you on the 1st of every month and you have one week to complete it. All information you provide is strictly confidential. The next month’s shipment of condoms and lube will be mailed to you once your survey has been returned.  You must complete the survey every month to continue as a member of the club and receive free condoms and lube.

Who can join?

• You must be a gay or bisexual man
• You must be over the age of 18
• You must live in Tarrant County
• You must have a current email account.
• The program is limited to 250 members.In order to reach our program goals we may limit membership to ensure diversity of club membership.

How do I sign up?

Call Jerel Murrah at 817-332-7722 to get an online application sent to you or click here to apply online.